I don't know where the time has gone....


I’ve only been in NY for around three weeks and it feels like I’ve hardly had a minute to pause and reflect on my time here. Each day and night has been filled with seeing or playing music, meeting all sorts of new people and making time for friends passing through the city. There is so much going on all the time that I’m learning to accept that I simply can’t be everywhere all the time.

One of my first tasks on arrival was to source a decent piano for my apartment in Brooklyn. I managed to find a friendly rental shop near Carnegie Hall on 7th Avenue and now have a brand new Young Chang upright nestled in the corner of my room. However, it seems I’ve barely had a chance to play it so far. In fact any precious moments I’ve had have been working on my part in Jason Yarde’s ‘Modo Hit Blow’ which we premiere as soloists with the LSO Brass and Percussion sections conducted by Francois Xavier Roth at the Barbican next week.

My housemate, Colin Stranahan (who made a stellar appearance with my trio at the Pizza Express in London last month) has been a great connection to the next wave of musicians coming out of NY. He plays a lot with an amazing young pianist I feel privileged to call my friend, Glen Zaleski. (If you’re not familiar with him you soon will be!) I went to a wonderful salon style concert at Glen’s apartment and got to meet a few musicians including the singer/composer Jocelyn Medina who, to my great delight, invited me to guest with her for a few new songs at her birthday gig at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn last friday.


I think the next steps for me will be to remain visible and vulnerable and allow the musicians and audiences here to become acquainted with what I’m about.

However, I never stop learning and the challenges of this new music scene constantly confronts me with the same question; What am I really capable of and what do I really have to give?

Saturday 13th April Barbican in London - Jason Yarde’s Modo Hit Blow world premiere performance featuring the McCormack & Yarde Duo with LSO Brass and Percussion ensemble conducted by Francois Xavier Roth

Martin Hummel

Martin is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in managing communications for brands on a global, regional and local basis across multiple disciplines and business sectors. He has led a range of communications agencies as Chief Executive, as well as founding and directing start-up businesses that include consulting, talent management and recorded music.

Martin has worked with some of the most respected companies/brands in the world (Apple, GM, L’Oréal, MasterCard, Nestlé, P&G, PepsiCo, Unilever) and has interacted with a number of Fortune 500 CEOs. His key strengths include leadership skills, shaping businesses, developing talent and delivering results.

Music has been an integral part of Martin’s entire life. Since his early days as a musician, Martin staged concerts as a teenager (featuring Elton John), worked in various music clubs and was a DJ/Music Director in professional radio. For 17 years, he was responsible for Pepsi-Cola’s international communications, where he worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Robbie Williams and Pink, amongst many others.


Martin is a gun for hire in the consulting business (Ubuntu Ideas). He manages a portfolio of jazz artists (Ubuntu Talent) and recently co-founded an independent record label (Ubuntu Music).

He is absolutely passionate about creativity, digital technology and the power of music to touch peoples’ lives and to bring the world together.

Martin has lived/worked in five cities on three continents. He is married, with two daughters, and resides in London.

You will often find him at live shows, whatever the time of the day or night, looking for the next Bird, Dizzy, Esperanza, Charlie, Miles, Ron, Ella, Art or Chet.