I’ve just got back to New York after 3 weeks on tour with Kyle Eastwood in Europe promoting his new album, The View From Here.
Like the last album, I was heavily involved in the writing of the material and it’s been such a pleasure bringing it to so many people. I think the highlight for me was an audience of around 700 at Le Trianon theatre in Paris.


One of the new pieces, Luxor has a solo piano breakdown and although the song has strong echoes of M
iles Davis and Marcus Miller, I get a chance to explore the harmonic language in (hopefully) my own way whilst also evoking my romanticised fascination with that city’s ancient civilisation.

Before that I performed alongside 
the composer as joint soloist in Jason Yarde’s Modo Hit Blow. What an exciting experience performing alongside the players of the LSO at the Barbican! Jason managed to create an engaging orchestral study whilst also allowing enough room for us to do our thing. Judging by the piece’s reception, I think a few of our fans were in the house and maybe even some new ones!


Now I have around two weeks in the city before some more work with Kyle in France then London and my attention is currently turning back to myself with two European concerts coming up for the trio.
My first month-long trips to New York a couple of years ago were to practise and I’m beginning to feel that need again.  At the moment I’m starting to hear things a little beyond my technique as well as ideas for new music and time, as I’ve said before in my last post, can be a little evasive in NYC!

Martin Hummel

Martin is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in managing communications for brands on a global, regional and local basis across multiple disciplines and business sectors. He has led a range of communications agencies as Chief Executive, as well as founding and directing start-up businesses that include consulting, talent management and recorded music.

Martin has worked with some of the most respected companies/brands in the world (Apple, GM, L’Oréal, MasterCard, Nestlé, P&G, PepsiCo, Unilever) and has interacted with a number of Fortune 500 CEOs. His key strengths include leadership skills, shaping businesses, developing talent and delivering results.

Music has been an integral part of Martin’s entire life. Since his early days as a musician, Martin staged concerts as a teenager (featuring Elton John), worked in various music clubs and was a DJ/Music Director in professional radio. For 17 years, he was responsible for Pepsi-Cola’s international communications, where he worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Robbie Williams and Pink, amongst many others.


Martin is a gun for hire in the consulting business (Ubuntu Ideas). He manages a portfolio of jazz artists (Ubuntu Talent) and recently co-founded an independent record label (Ubuntu Music).

He is absolutely passionate about creativity, digital technology and the power of music to touch peoples’ lives and to bring the world together.

Martin has lived/worked in five cities on three continents. He is married, with two daughters, and resides in London.

You will often find him at live shows, whatever the time of the day or night, looking for the next Bird, Dizzy, Esperanza, Charlie, Miles, Ron, Ella, Art or Chet.