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Andrew McCormack’s

Graviton :The Calling

GRAVITON L-R Tom Herbert, Noemi Nuti, Andrew McCormack, Josh Arcoleo, Josh Blackmore

GRAVITON L-R Tom Herbert, Noemi Nuti, Andrew McCormack, Josh Arcoleo, Josh Blackmore

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GRAVITON : The Calling


Graviton is the formidable prog-jazz group led by Andrew McCormack drawing on his wide range of influences and demonstrating his talents for composition as well the band’s captivating live performances. The music evades clear category but the pianist always looks to push himself and his fellow musicians to find something new yet accessible.

Released in the summer of 2019 on the fast rising Ubuntu Music label, Graviton’s second album, The Calling follows the storyline of the classic "Hero’s Journey"

The group includes the forefront of the UK contemporary jazz scene with Noemi Nuti on vocals, Josh Arcoleo on tenor saxophone, Tom Herbert on electric bass and Josh Blackmore on drums.

Their music may be best described as a mix of Steve Reich and Tigran Hamasyan, without boundaries.

Having toured extensively in 2018 the band is now reaching new artistic levels that will excite audiences worldwide with this latest offering.

“This has to be one of the most exciting bands in Europe today”

- Jean Toussaint

***** 5 stars “McCormack’s limitless talents are really put to the test this time around with the incredible ambition of “The Calling”  


- UK Vibe 




Andrew McCormack / Piano

Noemi Nuti / Vocals
Josh Arcoleo / Saxes
Tom Herbert / Electric Bass
Joshua Blackmore / Drums



Music Previews

by Andrew McCormack

Please have listen to the selection made from the many different recordings McCormack has on offer.

It covers a wide range of style and genre from piano trio to full symphony orchestra demonstrating his wide palette, skill and eclectic sense.

  • 8:59
    Andrew McCormack/Graviton
  • 4:16
    Andrew McCormack/Graviton
  • 6:09
    Andrew McCormack Trio/Live in London
  • 6:49
    McCormack & Yarde Duo/Places and Other Spaces
  • 5:24
    Andrew McCormack Trio/Telescope
  • 4:34
    McCormack & Yarde Duo Featuring Elysian Quartet
  • 8:10
    Andrew McCormack + LSO/The Panufik Legacies